Hello People!

Sorry for my absence, but I’m back and work on a few cosplays! 
Old planned photoset are on hold, but I’m revamping Dead!Aradia, Meenah (regular troll version) and I’ll have some pictures taken real soon! (I’m just waiting to get some makeup and fake eyelashes in my mail)

About future plans, Shadow Yukiko from Persona 4 and Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa are in the works, for a big con next October/November.

That’s all for now, expect some photos soon, but have an Aradia preview!


Preview of my next photoshot. i still have to fix/modify rose outfit and i will cosplay human!meenah since it’s not really advisable to wear grey make up where i’ll take pictures.

aaaaaand! give me few more days and i’ll put larsa photos~

// let’s ignore kid loki circlet thing because of reasons, i still have to make a proper one for this cosplay //
final make up test i guess! less green, more black. my webcam kills everything a bit but is most likely going to be my next cosplay. 

Why don't you use lenses in your cosplays ?

Heheh because i suck and i’m unable to put them on! I tried putting them myself and with the aid of friends, but unsuccessfully :\
I am really, really scared about anything that gets in contact with my eyes, INLUDING drops.

But I decided to give it another try in couple months, since i am planning aradia and porrim photoshoots and i’d love to wear white ones!

Hi Jowy, I came across your gorgeous Solidor crest mold and I was wondering if you'd consider taking commissions for it? I'm hopeless at making props and your cast has turned out beautifully!

Hi! I will sell it for sure but I am pretty busy till 4th of november. 
Since it’s a mold I can finally stay a little low on prices to accomodate US buyers :)
I have to send one already and will let you know shipping price by next month giving out an etsy link <3 

Don’t worry!

I’m not going to post ONLY my pictures, but I had to start this blog somehow right?

I am really happy for making this. I am finally confident enough about my costumes, they’re getting better as times passes!  

Considering to make some tutorials every now and then, like homestuck horns and whatnot. My askbox is always open for any kind of question!